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Join the MathMania Challenge on November 19th ! It's a fantastic opportunity to enhance your math skills, spark your interest in precise subjects, and have a chance to win valuable prizes, all while enjoying a fun learning experience.
This is a common test for class 6-8 all students will receive the same question. The tests will have a maximum of only one attempt. Total test completion time -60 minutes. Internet connection is required to complete the test. We will send you an email/whatsapp to access the contest from an internet browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
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Contest winners
will receive valuable prizes
1st place Smartphone
realme narzo 60X 5G
2nd place Smartwatch
Amazfit Bip U Pro
3rd place Rema subscription
for 10 students
MathMania Your Path to Prestigious European Certification!
MathMania, the mathematics competition in India, is your gateway to prestigious European certification. Our competition is structured around a European educational program crafted by the esteemed company Vesama. European certificates are renowned for their prestige and global recognition.
All competiton participants will get certificate that proves their participation and improvment in math skills.
Each certificate will have its unique number, and you can verify your certificate by following the provided link . Vesama, the company behind our educational standards, is known for its dedication to excellence and innovation in education. Join MathMania and embark on your journey to a prestigious European certification with us!
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Competition Protocol
Application Deadline
Register before november 18th to participate in the competition.
Registration : 75 ₹ / Particiapant
On November 19th
This common test for class 6-8
Duration — 60 minutes.
We will send you an email/whatsapp to access the contest from an internet browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Results Announcement:
On November 26th
All participants will receive an email with their competition results. Keep an eye on your inbox for this important update!
The contest is closed.

Click on the link to check your results: Contest results.
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