Science opens your students up to an abundance of learning and helps them to answer the great mysteries of the universe. YaClass questions PDFs for class 6 science students help science teachers in three branches: physics, chemistry and biology. Since  there are several new topics introduced in this grade, Science in grade 6 is usually considered crucial.

These free printable questions PDFs not only supplement what you are teaching, but also offer means for tracking how well your students are learning and understanding the subject matter that you are teaching on. Teachers can use these ready-made questions PDFs to conduct immediate tests and save their time.

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Types of PDFs for class 6 science

YaClass questions PDFs for class 6 science helps to reduce stress such that teachers get enough time for their schedule lesson planning. There are various types of YaClass questions PDFs for class 6 science, such as:

  • Chapter Test – In chapter test, questions from every concept are given in the PDF.
  • Unit Test – Unit test PDFs consist of questions from each unit.
  • Weekly Progress Test – Weekly Test helps teachers to analyse students' weekly progress.
  • Daily Homework PDFs – Daily homework PDFs consist of topic wise customised and unique questions for better clarity.
  • Training Questions PDFs – Training Question PDFs have practice questions set throughout the syllabus.

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Why are YaClass questions PDFs amazing?

YaClass PDFs are amazing, because each PDF has an extra feature that comes with a QR code, students can complete the PDF questions and check step-by-step solutions to each question. These PDFs also release the burden of checking answer sheets of numerous students and help teachers to save their time. Each PDF is compatible with mobile phones and are designed for printable A4 layout.

Download Printable PDFs for class 6 science

Teachers can click on the link below to download the largest collection of class 6 science PDF questions which can be downloaded free. You can click on the link below to download the chapter-wise PDF

CBSE Chapters click Here.

State Board Chapters list

  1. Heat

    1. Temperature Units, Thermometer and its types

    2. Textbook questions

  2. Electricity

    1. Power plants and electric circuits

    2. Textbook questions

  3. Changes around us

    1. Changes and it's classifications

    2. Textbook questions

  4. Air

    1. Atmosphere

    2. Air composition

    3. Textbook questions

  5. The cell

    1. The basis of life

    2. Textbook questions

  6. Human organ systems

    1. Structure and functions of organ systems

    2. Textbook questions

  7. Parts of computer

    1. Computer parts - Input unit, Output unit, CPU

    2. Textbook questions

  8. Chemistry in Everyday life

    1. Introduction to chemistry in daily life

    2. Materials used in daily life and its manufacturing process

    3. Textbook questions

  9. Hardware and software

    1. The types of hardware and softwares

    2. Textbook questions

  10. Magnetism

    1. The history, properties and applications of magnets

    2. Textbook questions

  11. Our environment

    1. Ecosystem and pollution

    2. Textbook questions

  12. Plants in daily life

    1. The plants in human welfare

    2. Textbook questions

  13. Water

    1. A precious resource - Water

    2. Textbook questions

CBSE Chapter list

  1. Getting to know Plants

    1. Herbs, Shrubs, and Trees

    2. Parts of the plant

  2. Motion and measurement of distance

    1. Measurement

    2. Motion

  3. Light, shadows and reflections

    1. Types of objects, Pinhole camera and Mirrors

  4. Water

  5. Air around us

  6. Garbage in, Garbage out

  7. Body movements

    1. Human skeleton system

    2. Locomotion in animals

  8. Changes around us

  9. Fibre to Fabric

  10. Fun with magnets

    1. Basics of magnets and types of materials

  11. Living Organisms Characteristics and Habitats

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