The lesson, "Mijbil the Otter", is taken from Gavin Maxwell's famous book, Ring of Bright Water. It was first published in \(1960\) and soon became a bestseller and a literary masterpiece.
The book chronicles the existence of Maxwell and the otters on Scotland's remote west coast. It is considered one of the most poetic and heartfelt accounts of a man's interaction with nature.
The book narrates how Maxwell brought home a smooth-coated otter, which he named Mijbil, from the Marshes of Iraq. He raised Mijbil (affectionately known as Mij) at Camusfeàrna (the name Maxwell gave his house at Sandaig) on the west coast of Scotland. When he took Mijbil to the London Zoological Society, it was discovered that the otter belonged to a previously unknown subspecies. Subsequently, the species was named Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli (or colloquially, "Maxwell's otter") after Maxwell.
Maxwell got the title for his book from the poem, "The Marriage of Psyche", written by his friend and poet Kathleen Raine.
The lesson is divided into 4 sections.
Some of the characters who appear in the lesson are,
  • Gavin Maxwell, the narrator
  • Mijbil, the otter
  • Maxwell's friend
  • Air hostess
  • Passengers on the aircraft
Due to the book's success, a fictionalised film of the same name was released in \(1969\). If you are interested, you can watch the movie here.