The author and his friend are on their way to Basra when the story starts. The author confesses during their voyage his intention to domesticate an otter since he had grown lonely after losing his companion dog. His acquaintance advised him to obtain one from the Iraqi Marshes along the Tigris River. Only the friend's mail was present when they got at their destination. The companion eventually left after a few days, and the narrator was still awaiting his mail. He went to his room after receiving it to discover an otter (delivered to him in a sack), two Arabs, and a message. His friend gave it to him as a gift.
He gave the otter the name Mijbil, also known as Mij. It took Mij some time to open up and become comfortable in his surroundings. He was so heavily caked in dirt that it took nearly a month of washing and scrubbing to show his true colour. Mij enjoyed using water so much that he even learned how to open the faucet on his own. He thought the water in the dish should be mashed and splashed until it was gone. Basra was running nicely, but it was now time to catch a flight back to London. He had to schedule a different trip because British carriers did not allow animals, but only if they could be carried in a box like Mij.
An hour prior to takeoff, the narrator placed him in a box so that Mij could get used to it before departing for a brief supper. When he came back, he discovered that the box was still there, but Mij had ruined the inner lining and made a mess. Blood was coming out of the holes as a result. Despite his fear, he moved quickly. Only ten minutes remained until the flight took off, but they were far from the airport. He quickly cleaned everything, hopped in a cab, and made it just in time. He told a very nice and kind flight hostess what had happened, and she suggested that he keep the box on his lap.
The flight hostess won Gavin's undying respect because of her kindness toward him. As soon as he cracked open the box, the otter leaped out and vanished, causing a commotion. The travellers were alarmed. The author drenched himself with curry while attempting to get hold of Mij as a woman stood up in her chair. After offering assistance and bringing him back to Gavin, they eventually arrived in London. Playing with marbles and ping-pong balls was Mij's favourite pastime. Even using the author's damaged baggage as the basis for a game. He might be interested in it for a long time.
As the leader, the narrator played with him and took him on walks. Being inexperienced with otters, Londoners made wild assumptions about what Mij was. Many others believed it to be a young seal, squirrel, or even hippo. The most unexpected response came when the author was asked, "What is it meant to be?" by a worker excavating the trench.