Gavin Maxwell lives in a cottage in Camusfearna, in the West Highlands in Scotland. When his dog Jonnie died, Maxwell was too sad to think of keeping a dog again. But life without a pet was lonely... Read what happened then, in Maxwell’s own words.
Gavin Maxwell was an author who lived alone for most of his life in his cottage in Camusfearna. Camsurfearna is the name Maxwell gave his house at Sandaig on the west coast of Scotland. He only had a dog for a company, and when Jonnie- the English Springer Spaniel- died, he felt the need for an animal companion. A life without a pet seemed lonely, but he felt too sad to think of keeping a dog again. Also, he had wanted a pet that would adapt into his water bound residential area.
Finally, the readers are asked to read the lesson to know more about what happened in Maxwell's life. Moreover, it is stated that story is written in "Maxwell’s own words", suggesting that the story which is about to be narrated is autobiographical in nature.