Otters are found in large numbers in the marshes (i.e. wet areas near lakes, rivers or seas) near Basra, a town in Iraq.

Imagine you wanted to bring an otter from Iraq to London, as a pet. What special arrangements would you need to make for your pet otter? You would need to find a place with lots of water, for example. What other points should you think about? The information about Iraq and London given below may help you.
Iraq has mostly broad plains
and marshes along the
Iranian border in the south,
with large flooded areas. A
large part of Iraq’s land area
is desert, so it has cool
winters and dry, hot and
cloudless summers. The
mountain areas near Iran
and Turkey have cold winters.
There is heavy snowfall there,
and when the snow melts in
spring, it causes floods in
central and southern Iraq.
London has a large
population and is a very busy
city. In addition to multi-
storeyed buildings, however,
it has many open spaces or
parks. It has a temperate
climate (i.e. it is neither very
hot, nor very cold), with
regular but generally light
rainfall or snow throughout
the year. The warmest month
is July, and the coolest
month is January. February
is the driest month. Snow is
not very common in London.