Little Sarah she stood by her grandmother’s bed,
“And what shall I get for your breakfast?” she said;
“You shall get me a Johnny-cake: quickly go make it,
In one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it.”
So Sarah she went to the closet to see
If yet any meal in the barrel might be.
The barrel had long time been empty as wind;
Not a speck of the bright yellow meal could she find.

But grandmother’s Johnny-cake-still she must make it,
In one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it.

She ran to the shop; but the shopkeeper said,
“I have none—you must go to the miller, fair maid;
“For he has a mill, and he’ll put the corn in it,
And grind you some nice yellow meal in a minute;

But run, or the Johnny-cake, how will you make it,
In one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it?”
Then Sarah she ran every step of the way;
But the miller said, “No, I have no meal to-day;
Run, quick, to the cornfield, just over the hill,
And if any be there, you may fetch it to mill.

Run, run, or the Johnny-cake, how will you make it,
In one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it?”

She ran to the cornfield-the corn had not grown,
Though the sun in the blue sky all pleasantly shone .
“Pretty sun,” cried the maiden, “please make the corn grow.”
“Pretty maid,” the sun answered, “I cannot do so.”
The poem is about a small girl named Sarah. She was standing near the bed where her grandmother was lying. She asked her grandmother what she wanted for her breakfast. Sarah's grandmother said she wanted a Johnnycake. It is made with flour, sugar, butter, and water. Grandmother wanted Sarah to make the cake quickly for her. She told Sarah to mix all the ingredients in one minute and to bake it for two minutes, and the Johnnycake would be ready.
Little Sarah went to the closet where all the kitchen ingredients are kept and checked for the flour. But the tin in which they used to keep the meal, was empty as if some wind had come and swept it away. She could not find even a bit, but she wanted to bake the Johnnycake for the grandmother at any cost in one minute mix and two minutes bake it.

She ran to the shop, but the shopkeeper said that he does not have and asks the fair and bright coloured girl to go to the miller who can help her out. A miller will have a mill, and he would grind the corn within a minute. The shopkeeper asks her to run to the miller to get the flour.
Sarah ran to the miller immediately, but even the miller said that he does not have any corn. Then the miller suggests her to go to the cornfield above the hill to find some corn in the field so that she can bring it back to the mill and the miller will grind it for her. He asks her to run and get it, otherwise how will she mix the flour in a minute and bake the cake in two minutes.
Sarah ran to the cornfield, but there was no corn grown at all, though the sun was bright and the weather was good. She cried and requested the sun to make the corn grow, but the sun says that he cannot do so.
Meaning of difficult words:
MillerA person who owns a corn mill.
Meal Snack.
Fetch Bring.
MaidenYoung girl.
Bake Oven-cooked.
CornfieldA field of corn.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-1 English Standard-9. Little Sarah by Anna Maria Wells (pp. 206-208). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.