When you talk about deep-rooted desire, what did Sachin say, even after winning the 2011 World Cup? Sachin said that his deep-rooted desire was to win the World Cup. Don’t forget, this man had all the records in the world.
     He had got everything in the world that one would want as a batsman and as a cricketer; but still, his deep-rooted desire was to win the World Cup one day and be a part of a World Cup winning team for India. That ultimately happened. Maybe, it happened after a long time. But still, he himself admitted that this is the best thing that ever happened to him in cricket. Don’t forget, my dear friends, when you have a deep-rooted desire and when you consciously work towards it, you will achieve it.
Understand what Sachin said after winning 2011 World Cup about deep-routed desire, he says that he always wanted to win the World Cup, though he had all the records in the world to his.
Sachin had everything he wanted as a cricketer, anyways his inclination to get the World cup and to be part of the winning team of India did not change. But it happened, maybe later but it did. He disclosed that he was the most happiest after that event. So, never try to run away, always be focused and try harder and harder to achieve your goal.
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