Here are some ways to make sure that the goals that you are working on are things that you want and not just things that sound good.
     Set goals on a yearly basis. Set smaller goals and achieve the smaller goals, and go on a step-by-step basis. When you go on a step-by-step basis, as I told you with live examples, it becomes easier to achieve your goals. Time management is important when you want to achieve your goals. If you work towards it in a very conscious manner, with passion, by putting your heart and soul into whatever you want to be, you will get it.
  • Write your goal with positive attitude.
  • Write your goal in complete detail.
  • Make sure your goal is high enough.
The author says that don't choose the goal that is fancy to hear like fashion designer and all if you want to do something or make it a career then choose that including fashion designing, surfing etc.
The author has given some rules to make sure the goals are achieved. First, always set goals yearly, and set small goals and climb it one by one, don't jump directly or you will fall. When you go one by one, you can achieve what you want. Second, adjust your time according to what you need and work with complete dedication keeping your heart and soul, then you will succeed.
Write your goal with good thoughts. Give details of what you want to achieve that means the biggest goal you have.
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