There are lots of factors which actually influence you when you are trying to choose your career.
They are your
  • educational background,
  • parental influence,
  • teachers and mentors,
  • the environment that you are in.
  • personal aspirations and
  • peer pressure.
We need to have proper career orientation. Your personality plays an important role in choosing the type of career you want. Choose something you enjoy and really want to do and you will be successful.
Many people or other things try to control you when you are choosing your career. Parents, teachers, instructors, the background of the family, the place you grew up, and what you have been reading all these impacts your career. Your temperament plays a vital role before you choose your career. Choose your hobby or something you always aspired to do as your career so that, you enjoy the path to your success as well.
Influence Impact.
Personality Character.
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