Passion is the key word. When I say passion, you do something with your heart and soul. When you do something with passionate interest, you’ll always be successful in life. When you put your heart and soul and you are passionate, you start enjoying what you do. And when you enjoy what you do, ultimately you do everything in the right manner. That’s what I mean by passion. Without passion, please don’t do anything. There are times when you are down and out and when you just don’t feel like doing something; but, nevertheless you just do something for the sake of doing. Never ever do that. The moment your mind is not there, just stop doing something, take a break and come back, because whatever you do in life, please do it with passion.
When will you be successful in life?
Why should you enjoy what you do?
Passion is the most important word which you should remember. Passion means doing something with full enthusiasm and will power. So, you start with complete joy and correctly do everything. Without passion, you are just wasting time. There will be many ups and downs, and failures will come but don't let yourself down and don't do anything just for passing the time. If you are not able to follow, wait for a while and continue after some time.
When you have determination, you will be successful.
It would help if you enjoy what you do so that you are always focused.
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