The best example I can think of for doing something with passion is Sachin Tendulkar. Just imagine, this guy has got all the records you want in international cricket. He has played the maximum number of test matches, one-day matches; he has got all the runs and all the records with him. But till his retirement, whenever he played, he played with great passion. That's why Sachin was so successful.
What is the secret of Sachin Tendulkar’s success?
Keep in Mind!
Sachin is the best example. His envision to win the World cup is fulfilled, though he was one of the best players with all the records and trophies. He played many test matches, one-day matches, and scored lots of runs. Until he retired or he decided to retire, he played cricket with full vigour. That was the main reason Sachin was always successful.
The secret of Sachin Tendulkar’s success is the passion with which he played cricket.
Do always keep this in mind.
Meanings of difficult words:
RetirementThe action or fact of leaving one's job.
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