1. There are many instances wherein a point at which a crucial decision must be made which will have extensive consequences. Here, he is giving the example of the story "Alice in Wonderland" which was an art of established work written by Lewis Carroll. In that story, the main character "Alice" comes to a point wherein she has decide to which way to go, and she finds a cat sitting there. She will ask the cat which road she should take? And the cat says, where do you want to go? So, it means that you should always choose the path according to the goal or the place you want to go. Whether its engineering or medicine, whichever you want to take, you must be clear with your thoughts.
The author asks, have you found yourself at a crossroads? It can be in whatever decision you have to make, including a career decision.
The author asks, have you found yourself at a crossroads? It can be in whatever decision you have to make, including a career decision.
2. The author is a person who believes in one truth. In the long run, you will become whatever your inclination is. Most of the time, the person changes from time to time, depending on the desire. But your profound desire or whatever you are inspired of will make you achieve it.
The author asks, which is the most crucial step in the process of setting a goal?
3. He is telling about his life, that when he was studying third year or fourth year of engineering, he all of a sudden had a wish to play cricket. First, he wants to play for Tamil Nadu and later for India, but deep within his thought, he wanted to play for India.
4. Srikkanth always had a strong desire to play for India, and his wish came true. He and his team members won the 1983 World cup as well. Sadly, his way of playing cricket worsened in such a way within six to seven months after the 1983 world cup that the selecting committee even thought of dropping him from Tamil Nadu Ranji Trophy team. He was upset, but he kept on persisting that he will come out of all these one day. "Cheeka" means Srikanth in a fun way. The inner voice within him told that a day would come where he will be back in the Indian team and will be a successful cricketer.
5. In 1984, he still remembered it was a Ranji Trophy match in Coimbatore, and the famous commentator L. Sivaramakrishnan and few more people were talking to each other, then suddenly he said that he would be the captain of Indian Cricket team in next five years. Everyone thought that he had gone berserk, thinking that a person who could not be a part of local Tamil Nadu team is saying that he will be the captain and that too when good players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath were there. But, Srikkanth was determined and said that again.
Now the continuation, What made Srikkanth keep trying to notice his dream?
6. He asked everyone to go back and think again about what happened in your life. There might have been many wishes. But, your inner voice will be making you realise that you will be the winner one day. During this whole time,keep on trying and don't think about failure. You are going to thrive.
What kind of approach helps us to succeed?
7. Understand what Sachin said after winning 2011 World Cup about deep-routed desire, he says that he always wanted to win the World Cup, though he had all the records in the world to his.
8. Sachin had everything he wanted as a cricketer, anyways his inclination to get he World cup and to be part of the winning team of India did not change. But it happened, maybe later but it did. He disclosed that he was the most happiest after that event. So, never try to run away, always be focused and try harder and harder to achieve your goal.
9. Passion is the most important word which you should remember. Passion means doing something with full enthusiasm and will power. So, you start with complete joy and correctly do everything. Without passion, you are just wasting time. There will be many ups and downs, and failures will come but don't let yourself down and don't do anything just for passing the time. If you are not able to follow, wait for a while and continue after some time.
When you have determination, you will be successful.
It would help if you enjoy what you do so that you are always focused.
10.Sachin is the best example. His envision to win the World cup is fulfilled, though he was one of the best players with all the records and trophies. He played many test matches, one-day matches, and scored lots of runs. Until he retired or he decided to retire, he played cricket with full vigour. That was the main reason Sachin was always successful.
The secret of Sachin Tendulkar’s success is the passion with which he played cricket.
Do always keep this in mind.
11. The author says thatdon't choose the goal that is fancy to hearlike fashion designer and all if you want to do something or make it a career then choose that including fashion designing, surfing etc.
12. The author has given some rules to make sure the goals are achieved. First, always set goals yearly, and set small goals and climb it one by one, don't jump directly or you will fall. When you go one by one, you can achieve what you want. Second, adjust your time according to what you need and work with complete dedication keeping your heart and soul, then you will succeed.
Write your goal with good thoughts. Give details of what you want to achieve that means the biggest goal you have.
13. Another important thing is the advantages of achieving your goal. So, you have to be careful. Don't jump to conclusions, think and act accordingly.
Steps in the goal setting process should be clearly defined. Goals become easy to achieve when you know what your desire is.
14. Always consult your teachers, parents, elders, friends and neighbours before you decide your career.
15. Many people or other things try to control you when you are choosing your career. Parents, teachers, instructors, the background of the family, the place you grew up, and what you have been reading all these impacts your career. Your temperament plays a vital role before you choose your career. Choose your hobby or something you always aspired to do as your career so that, you enjoy the path to your success as well.