Mixed fractions contain a whole number and a proper fraction. They can also be represented as an improper fraction.
345; where \(3\) is a whole numberand \(4/5\) is a proper fraction.
Converting mixed fraction to improper fraction:
To convert a mixed fraction to improper fraction, the following steps are to be followed.
Step 1: Multiply the denominator of the proper fraction and whole number and add it with the numerator of the fraction to get the numerator of the improper fraction.
Step 2: Denominator of an improper fraction is the same as the denominator of a mixed fraction. (11).gif
Convert 345 to an improper fraction.
Step 1: Numerator of improper fraction \(=\) (denominator of the proper fraction \(×\) whole number) \(+\) numerator of a proper fraction.
\(= 5 × 3 = 15 + 4 = 19\).
Step 2: Denominator of improper fraction \(=\) denominator of the mixed fraction.
The denominator of improper fraction \(= 5\).
Improper fraction \(= 19 / 5\).
Thus, 345 \(= 19 / 5\).