While constructing a triangle with a given measurement, it is necessary to remember the properties of a triangle which are as follow:
Property \(1\): The sum of all the angles of a triangle is \(180°\).
That is, \(∠A + ∠B + ∠C = 180°\) (where \(∠A\), \(∠B\), \(∠C\) are angles of a triangle.)
Property \(2\): The sum of any two sides is always greater than the measure of the third side.
That is, \(x + y > z\), \(x + z > y\) and \(y + z > x\).
Property \(3\): The exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of interior opposite angles.
That is, \(∠4 = ∠1 + ∠ 2\). (Where \(∠4\) is an exterior angle of \(\triangle ABC\) and \(∠1\), \(∠ 2\) are interior opposite angle.)
Property \(4\): In  a right angle triangle, \((\text{Hypotenuse})² = (\text{Opposite side})² + (\text{adjacent side})²\).
That is, \(AC² = AB² + BC²\) (Where \(AC\) is the hypotenuse, \(AB\) is the opposite side, and \(BC\) is the adjacent side to the given angle.)