Tree diagram is a visual representation of the all the possible outcomes of the random experiment. Each branch in a tree diagram represent a possible outcome.
Let's toss a coin. The possible outcomes of this experiment is two, which is either Tails or Head.
We can make tree diagram of this experiment as given below.
1 (1).png
So, the sample space for this experiment will be \( S = {H, T}\).
In this case, if we toss two coins the tree diagram and sample space will be:
2 (1).png
The sample space for tossing two coins \( S = {HH, HT, TH, TT}\).
Similarly, When we throw a die, there are \(6\) possible outcomes. We can make a tree diagram for this as well.
3 (1).png
In this chapter, let's practice some concepts by using the tree diagram.