We know that addition is an increasing quantity and subtraction is an inverse of addition that is decreasing quantity, but what about multiplication?
Remember that multiplication is a continuous addition.
For example, if we multiply \(2 × 4\) we get \(8\), but how we get it?
We received \(8\) in answer by continues addition of \(2\) by \(4\) times.
That is \(2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8\).
Therefore now you understood that multiplication is nothing but a continuous addition.
Now we will how to multiply the number using a number line.
Multiplication on number line:
Now let's see the multiplication of any two whole number on a number line.
Assume that we have to find 3×4.
We can find this using the following steps:
1. We should start from \(0\), then move \(3\) units at a time to the right side of the number line.
2. Then make such \(4\) moves, because the multiplier is \(4\) then we will reach \(12\).
Therefore we get \(3 × 4 = 12\).
Applying this method, we can easily find the value of the multiplication of two number.