A type of biotic pollination in which insects carry the pollen from the anther of a  flower to the stigma of a flower of another plant of same species is known as entomophily.
Characteristic features of entomophilous flowers:
  • These flowers are vividly coloured, smell good, and offer nectar to attract insects like in jasmine.
  • The pollen grains are bigger, and the exine is pitted, spiny, and other characteristics allow them to attach firmly to the sticky stigma.
  • If the flowers are small, they aggregate to form a cluster of flowers called inflorescence like in sunflowers.
  • They have colourful bracts like in Bougainvillea.
  • Some flowers have nectar guides so that the insect can locate the nectaries easily like in pansy.
  • Honey bees carry out around \(80%\) of the pollination performed by insects.
Characteristic features of sweet pea flower and mechanism of entomophily:
  • The pea plant is a leguminous plant. 
  • The pea flowers are complete and bisexual.
Pea flower
  • The calyx of the flower has five pointed sepals which are green in colour.
  • Their corolla has five petals which are structurally different and brightly coloured, scented, produces nectar. Hence, it attracts bees which aids in pollination.
  • There are total 10 stamens.
  • The pistil or the carpel is constituted of a long, narrow ovary and a long, curved  style.
  • The bee finds the nectar that is present at the base of the ovary and the anther comes in contact of the bee. 
  • Thus, pollen grains are adhered to the body of the bee.