Alternative or non-conventional source of energy:
Our energy demand is increasing day by day due to technological advancement. Our lifestyles are also changing; we increasingly rely on machines to complete our tasks. As our living standards rise due to industrialisation, so do our basic needs.
As our energy demand grows, we will need to look for more and more energy sources. We could develop technology to make more efficient use of existing or known energy sources while also exploring new energy sources. Any new source of energy we seek to exploit would necessitate the development of specific devices tailored to that source. We'll now look at some of the most recent energy sources that we're trying to tap, as well as the technology that can capture and store that energy.
Some people say that if we start living as our ancestors, this will conserve energy and our ecosystem. Do you think this idea is feasible?
Replacement of load vehicles
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Making of peanut oil (Replacement of machines)