A poor intake of water, deficiency of nutrients and lack of dietary fibers can cause various types of diseases. Let us discuss some of them in details.
Lack of vitamin A:
If there is any deficiency in vitamin A in the food we consume, it might lead to difficulty in vision. If we don't take care of this for an extended period of time, it might lead to loss of vision as well.
Lack of Vitamin B:
B12 deficiency: It can lead to depression, fatigue, and lack of red blood cells count.
B6 deficiency: It can lead to rashes in the skin around mouth and anemia (lack of haemoglobin in blood).
B1 and B2 deficiency: This can lead to skin disorders, neurological problems and problem in eyesight.
B9 deficiency: It is also known as folate or folic acid. Lack of this vitamin can lead to anaemia or diarrhea in adults. Deficeincy of B9 in pregannat women can lead to complications during pregnancy.
Lack of vitamin C:
Deficiency in vitamin C, can lead to bleeding gums and also affects the immune system badly hence making humans prone to diseases.
Lack of vitamin D:
Deficiency in vitamin D can lead to arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and various calcium deficiency diseases. It can also lead to damage in teeth.
Lack of vitamin E and K:
It can lead to various skin disorders like acne, itchiness and dryness in skin and hair fall. Excessive deficiency of vitamin K can lead to haemorrhagic in newborn, in which the blood flow will not stop for a long time.
Lack of minerals:
Lack of iodine can lead to malfunctioning of  thyroid known as hyperthyroid and hypothyroid.
This can induce hair fall, obesity and also inflammation in the throat.
Lack of phosphorous can lead to fatigue, bone diseases in children and adults.
Lack of magnesium can lead to heart problems, chronic diarrhea, poor absorption of blood by tissues. 
  • Cooking of vitamin C rich food should be reduced because it can lead to loss of vitamin in food. Hence, we should eat vitamin C rich foods naturally without processing.
  • Some vitamins and minerals can be lost if we wash vegetables such as carrot, ladies finger after cutting them into pieces, after peeling off their skin. Instead, try to wash those vegetables first and then cut them into pieces, so that full effect of those vegetables  can be utilized.
  • Carbohydrates and fats provide energy, in order to be energetic one cannot eat French fries, rice and cakes so that they can be energetic. It is unhealthy because it increases blood glucose levels and will lead to various heart diseases and many other complications.
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