In the previous lesson, you studied how cotton and jute extracted from its plants. Initially, fibres need to be converted into yarns to make fabrics.
But can you imagine how we do that? Let us take a look.
The process of making yarn from fibres is referred to as, Spinning.
In this process, fibres from a mass of cotton wool are drawn out and twisted. That brings the fibres together to form a yarn. People use a hand spinning device to do the spinning process. The device or tool we use for it is also known as Takti.
Nowadays spinning of yarn on a large scale is done with the help of the spinning machines. It is only after spinning; yarns used to produce fabrics.
Now, we understand how we separate the yarns from the fibres. But, can you guess how the fabrics are made using yarns?
In many ways, we can make fabrics using yarns. In the production of fabric, we majorly practice the following two process:
1. Weaving
2. Knitting
1. Weaving
Weaving is a process where the two different sets of yarns or threads are combined at perpendicularly to form a fabric or cloth.
The weaving of fabric takes place on looms. Nowadays, we either weave this yarn by hand or using the electric power.
2. Knitting
The process of knitting majorly practiced as a hobby or social activity in a broad sense than weaving. In this process, the needles used to interlink the continuous thread. Each knot connects the one thread to other threads, and after certain knots, these threads become a fabric.