Rakesh's father is a tailor. He used to visit his father's shop often. One day, upon seeing varieties of clothes material inside the shop, Rakesh asked his father, 'Why all the clothes are different'?
Rakesh's father asked him to touch and feel the variation in fabric materials. He felt a lot of differences from one fabric to another. Then his father told the names of each fabric such as Cotton, Silk, Wool, or Synthetic. Then, he realized that each cloth is unique and special.
After reading the above situation, do you wonder from what we produced these varieties of fabrics?
Fabrics seem like a continuous piece of cloth, but if you look closely, you can notice the loose thread or yarn in the edges of the materials.
Now let's do an activity. (6).gif
If we keep on pulling it out, the yarn will come continuously, then the shape of the fabrics will collapse. So, we get that the numerous lines of thread form a yarn woven together to make cloth.
Now, we know that fabric is yarns  that arranged together. Then, what is a yarn made up of?
Well, that's an excellent question. We will see the answer in the upcoming lesson.
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