Animal are classified into three types based on their feeding habits. They are as follows:
  • Herbivorous
  • Carnivorous
  • Omnivorous
Herbivorous: Animals which eat only plants and products of plants are known as herbivorous animals.
animal-4675229_1920.jpg camel-2454247_1920.jpg cow-234835_1920.jpg
nature-2634729_1920.jpg elephant-114543_1920.jpg
Buffalo and cow eat grass, grains, hay, oil cakes.
Goats eats grass, leaves of plant, grains.
Carnivorous:Animals that eat other animals for food are known as Carnivorous.
lion-3040797_1920.jpg wolf-1336229_1920.jpg fox-2597803_1920.jpg
animal-1868911_1920.jpg blacktip-1294753_1920.jpg
Lion or tiger: Flesh of forest animals.
Vultures: Flesh of dead animals.
Omnivorous:Animal which eat both plants and animals as food.
animal-1238228_1920.jpg raven-3448199_1920.jpg dog-2437110_1920.jpg
animal-1867562_1920.jpg pigs-3967549_1920.jpg
Dogs: Plant food (chapatti, bread), animal food (meat), drinks milk.
Bear: Small forest animals, fruits.
Sparrow: Grains, small insects.
Human beings: Animal and plant products.