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Waste materials or rubbish that is thrown out every day, which includes the household wastes, wastes from schools, offices, shops, etc.,. are known as garbage.
  • Peels of fruits and vegetables
  • Leftover food
  • Fallen leaves of the plants
  • Products such as atta, biscuits, pulses, chocolates, milk, oil etc. are packed in cartons, plastic bags, wrappers made from plastic and paper, plastic containers, and tin
  • Waste papers as well as papers that we casually tear and throw
  • Products of glass-like materials: Containers, bottles, broken window pane, broken mirror, etc
  • Old clothes, shoes and slippers that are not used anymore
  • Electronic wastes: Mobiles, laptop, computers, microwave oven, iron box, etc
  • Damaged plastic materials: Plastic toys, plastic containers, plastic bottles, etc
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Garbage produced by a single person may seem small, but when seen collectively, it forms a big heap. If this garbage is not removed from home or surrounding, the environment becomes dirty by releasing a foul smell.This garbage attracts a lot of organisms (cockroach, flies and mosquitoes) which may cause and spread various diseases. 
The garbage collected from different areas by the sanitary staffs are put into the garbage dumps that are built by the Municipality of particular locations or regions. From the garbage dump, the garbage is loaded in trucks and disposed off through different ways depending upon the variation in garbage.