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Different places have different climatic conditions. The time, duration and the amount of rainfall varies from place to place. There are specific places in the world where rainfall is observed throughout the year. Whereas, in certain places, the rainfall is seen only for a few days.
In India, we can mostly expect rainfall during the monsoon season. The arrival of monsoon season relieves us from the hot summer days. As most of the rainfall occurs during the monsoon season, the sowing of crops completely depends on this.
Heavy rainfall
Abundance in the rainfall is always a problematic one. That makes a rise in the level of water in rivers, lakes and ponds.
Whenever the level of water rises above the normal, the water begins to spread over large areas causing floods. That leads to the submerging of crop fields, forests, villages, and cities, causing massive damage to crops, domestic animals, property and human life.
Sometimes we see that animals were also carried away during flooding. These animals get trapped and die because of heavy rain. Animals living in the soil also get affected because of heavy rain and flooding.
Inadequate rainfall
Whether it continuously rains or not, the soil loses water by evaporation and transpiration constantly. When there is not sufficient rainfall, the water lost by the soil is not brought back to it. That makes the soil to get dry. Inadequate rainfall also affects the level of water in ponds and wells and eventually dries them up.
The condition where there is abnormally insufficient or no rainfall for a longer period is known as drought.
During the drought conditions, the availability of food and fodder reduces. That results in starvation or death among living being.