In our daily life, we see different places with hot and cold weather. You also would have tasted different food items, which are hot and cold. We wear different types of clothes in summer and winter.
But, how do we know something is hot or cold? Only through senses, isn't it?
Yamini used to drink iced tea every day, but Divya used to have hot tea every day.
In the above statement, which one is a hot object and a cold object?
We can easily answer that hot tea is a hot object, and an iced tea is a cold object.
How do we measure the hotness or coldness of any material?
The measuring method to decide whether the objects are hot or cold is called Measuring temperature.
The degree or intensity of heat present in an object or substance is expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by the thermometer or perceived by touch.
To measure the temperature, we use different kinds of scales such as Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit.
Now, we understood about temperature. But, how can you measure it?
We usually measure the temperature of an object using a thermometer.
Let us study this instrument in upcoming sections.