Food is essential for the survival of living beings. We need a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development of the human body.
Food that we consume plays a vital role to repair the damaged body parts or to fights against the diseases.
The components of food that are necessary for our body are called nutrients.
Mode of Nutrients: Nutrition is the mode of consumption of food by a living being and its utilization by the body.
There are two different modes of nutrition:
  • Autotrophic mode of nutrition
  • Heterotrophic mode of nutrition
Autotrophic mode of nutrition: In an autotrophic mode of nutrition living being produces their own food in the presence of simple substances. The organisms undergoing this mode of nutrition are termed as autotrophs (auto meaning self; trophos meaning nourishment).
Plants (Tree bearing fruits)
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Heterotrophic mode of nutrition: In heterotrophic mode of nutrition a living being consumes plants or other animals. The organisms undergoing this mode of nutrition are termed as heterotrophs (heteros meaning another; trophos meaning nourishment).
For example: human beings, and animals (cow eating grass).
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