Why should we become an active citizen?
The generation of waste is a natural part of the activities of humans. But we must reduce the type and quantity of waste that is produced in our households so that there is no much pressure on the WWTP.
The sewage is offensive in smell due to which we repel ourselves from it. It is disgusting to see open drains. This situation is significantly worse during the rainy seasons during which the gutters start overflowing, leading to most unhygienic and unsanitary conditions. Due to this the flies, mosquitoes and other insects breed on it.
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The sewage water leads to several problems such as harmful diseases, unhygienic and unsanitary conditions in the locality.
Hence it is necessary that we should be an enlightened citizen and adopt the following practices.
  • Inform the municipality or gram panchayat to cover the open drains.
  • If the sewage of your neighborhood makes your surroundings dirty request them to be more considerate about the health of others.