Water table and groundwater
A certain amount of water that falls on the earth as rain is absorbed by the ground and gets accumulated in the cracks and gaps of the rocks present inside the earth. This layer of earth's upper level is known as the water table, which varies from place to place. The water table at a given place may be at a depth of several meters from the ground, or less than a meter. The water that is found below this water table is known as groundwater. The moisture in the soil indicates the presence of groundwater in an area.
The formation of groundwater occurs in two ways. They are as following:
In this process, the rainwater and the water from the rivers, ponds slips inside the soil , fills the empty spaces and cracks, deep inside the soil by travelling through the pores.
The process in which the water seeps into the ground is known as infiltration.
Water table
In certain places, the groundwater is stored between the hard rocks of the underground layer or water table. This is known as aquifer.
The water in the aquifers is pumped out by using tube wells and handpumps.
Uses of groundwater
As groundwater is fresh water it is used for various purposes. Some of them are as follows:
  • Irrigation
  • As drinking water
  • In industries
  • Domestic chores