Tropical Rainforests
Features of  tropical region
  • Lies near the equator.
  • Hot, high rainfall observed, and thus the climate is humid.
  • In the coldest month too the temperature is \(>15°C\).
  • During summer temperature can cross \(40°C\).
  • Day and night length equals throughout the year.
Tropical rainforest is an important feature of the region.
In India, tropical rainforests are found in Western Ghats, Assam. Around the world it is found in South Asia, Central America, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Central Africa.
The region has a large variety of animals and plants (due to the warmth and the rain). The animals that inhabits the rainforest are monkeys, gorillas, tigers, lions, elephants, leopards, lizards, snakes, birds and insects. Since animals are diverse, there is increased competition for food, shelter among the animals.
Animals are adapted to eat different kinds of food, and live in varied places to overcome competition. The various adaptations in some of the animals which inhabit the tropical rainforests is discussed.
Rainforests cover only about \(6\%\) of the surface of the Earth, but have more than \(50\%\) of animal life and about \(67\%\) of flowering plants of the planet.