Adaptations present in Red-eyed Frog
It lives in the tropical rainforest trees, and does not live in water. The frog has a green back and a creamy underside.
  • Sticky pads on feet helps to climb trees, and to attach to the branches of trees
  • Bulging, and bright red eyes for protection (bulging eye pops open and frightens when a predator approaches), and for nocturnal vision.
  • Green in colour that camouflages in the leaves.
Adaptations present in Monkey
  • Has long tails which grasps the branches
  • Hands and feet can hold onto branches easily.
  • Eyesight is sharp that aids in leaping between branches to escapes from predators.
Adaptations in Toucan
Toucan is a bird that has long, strong, large beak that lives in the larges holes of the trees.
  • Long, large beak can reach fruits at ends of even thin branches which are weak to support its weight. Thus unreachable fruits can be reached.
  • Large beak can store foods temporarily.
  • Feet is adapted to grasp the branch firmly
  • Changes feather colour to blend in the surrounding (escapes from predator).
Adaptations in Lion-Tailed Macaque
Also called "beard ape" which has silver-white mane that surrounds the head from cheeks down to chin. It is called so as the tail is similar to lion tail having bunch or tuft of hair at the end.
They are arboreal animal and spend their time mostly feeding in upper canopy. It feeds on fruits, seeds, young leaves, stems, flowers and buds, and also insects present under tree bark. It rarely comes down on the ground and spends time mostly in the tree. Hands and feet holds the branches firmly (good climber).
Adaptations in Lion and Tiger
  • Thick skin and skin colour helps to camouflage, and to catch their prey.
  • Strong sense of smell, good eyesight, and sensitive hearing to locate prey.
  • The eyes in front of the face allows to have a precise location of its prey.
  • Strong legs to run fast, and strong sharp claws to catch and tear apart the prey.
Adaptations in Elephant
Elephant are well known Indian tropical rainforest animal which are plant eaters.
  • Long trunk as nose which has strong sense of smell to pick up food, as well as for breathing.
  • Trunk used also to suck water, and to reach tall branches.
  • Teeth modified to long pointed tusks used to tear bark of trees, and also for protection against enemies
  • Large ears to hear soft sound, and also to cool from the climate (humid and hot).
  • Feet is round, large which provides stability, and prevents from sinking to ground due to weight.