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Limitations of fossil fuels:
  • They are non-renewable resources.
  • The process of extraction is dangerous as it may release toxic gases.
  • Coal and petroleum release carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other greenhouse gases on burning, which affects human health and the environment.
  • The combustion process of fossil fuels leads to an acidic environment, which can change the climatic conditions.
Ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels:
  • Use of biofuels.
  • Using an alternative source of energy.
  • Use of public transportation.
  • Go green.
  • Be energy efficient.
The main disadvantage of fossil fuels is pollution. The combustion process of fossil fuels causes air pollution, which in turn leads to global warming.
Global warming:
The greenhouse gases (which are formed due to burning or using fossil fuels) present in the atmosphere trap the sun's rays and absorb them, leading to an increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere.