Effects of deforestation:
  • Deforestation causes imbalances of O2 and CO2 in the atmosphere. Plants use CO2 for the process of photosynthesis. Due to deforestation, there is a rise of CO2 in the air that causes the increased temperature of the earth due to global warming (CO2 traps heat rays that are reflected by earth). This affects the earth's ecosystem.

Green house effect
  • Deforestation causes soil erosion that in turn, cause the removal of top soil. This cause exposure of the lower layers, and removal of humus which leads to loss of fertile soil.
  • Loss of fertile soil does not support plant growth which leads to desertification.
Process where fertile land becomes a desert is called desertification.
Desertification due to deforestation
  • Deforestation decreases the water holding capacity and reduces soil infiltration rate (movement of water from the soil surface to the ground).
  • It causes frequent flooding of the rivers that causes loss of life as well as property.
  • The properties of soil - physical properties, nutrient content, texture, etc. changes.
  • It affects the water cycle, which reduces the rainfall and may cause droughts.
  • As there is the destruction of forests, the natural habitat is disturbed, which causes the extinction of wildlife.
  • Destruction of forests causes a shortage of forest products that include medicinal products, wood, etc.
Effects of deforestation
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