Magnetic force:
A small iron piece placed near a magnet moves towards it. In this case, the force being applied by the magnet without any physical interaction. This force is called as magnetic force.
The magnetic force is the best example of non-contact force since there is no physical interaction between the magnet and iron pieces.
A magnet attracts the small pieces of iron
Electrostatic force:
The Greeks were aware of the electric charges from \(600\) \(BC\). They found that when amber (a type of resin) and fur are rubbed together, the amber can attract light objects like hair.
Likewise, polyester clothes or woollen clothes also attract lighter objects like hair and can produce a spark or crackling noise while taking off from the human body. This is because of electric charges.
In the year \(1752\), Benjamin Franklin, an American scientist, showed that the lightning and the spark from our clothes are due to the same phenomena. But, we took \(2000\) years to realize both are the same.
Electrostatic force of attraction:
  • When two objects are rubbed together, they get charged due to the transfer of electrons between them.
  • This transfer makes one object as positively charged and the other as negatively charged.
  • This is the reason when a plastic refill is rubbed with polythene; it acquires a small electric charge. These objects are called charged objects. This phenomenon can be found in many materials such as balloons,erasers and steel spoons.
  • The force that exists between the charged bodies is called the electrostatic force of attraction.
The above image shows the force of attraction or repulsion between the charged bodies.