Does friction produce heat?
Friction can also produce heat. There are several examples that we are not aware that friction produces heat. Some of them are given below.
  • Rub your palms together for a few minutes. After a while, you feel the heat in your palms right!
  • When you rub a matchstick against the rough surface of a matchbox, it catches fire due to friction(produces heat).
  • You might have observed that a mixer's jar becomes hot after running for a few minutes.
  • When a machine is operated, the moving parts produce heat, causing wastage of energy.
Friction between matchbox strap and matchstick causes fire
Rubbing the palms produces heat
Even though friction is necessary but it is evil in some cases,
Friction deteriorates the materials, whether they are screws, ball bearings or soles of shoes. You might have seen worn-out steps of foot over-bridges at railway stations.
shutterstock_254153809.jpgFriction destroys the soles of our shoes.
shutterstock_1415888657.jpgFriction produces heat which damages the moving parts of a machine.
shutterstock_490158217 (1).jpgThe treads present on the surface of a tyre are worn out due to friction.