Exercising keeps the body fit and also helps in stress relieving and maintaining mental health. Adolescents must indulge in sports, exercises, dancing, walking, cycling, and other physical activities.
Physical exercises build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints, and mediation helps to maintain the healthy mind.
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Exercising girl
Drugs: A big "NO":
Adolescence is a period where many changes are happening in the mind and body of the individual. Due to the various changes in the adolescents, they may feel a little uneasy, confused, and insecure at times.
Adolescents must understand that it is natural and should not get worried about it. Some of the adolescents are fooled by others, saying that taking drugs would make them feel relieved.
When taken in the body, drugs are chemical substances that change body function and influence the mind and the person's behaviour.
They should always say \(NO\) to taking drugs other than those prescribed by the physician. These drugs can be dangerous and may pose serious health issues.
As the drugs are addictive, and once a person takes the drugs, they feel like taking them again and again. Thus, the mental and physical health of the individual starts getting affected.
Alcohol, tobacco, heroin, and cocaine are examples of addictive drugs. 
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Say No to drugs
Taking the addictive drugs through syringes can cause AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). The disease is caused by a virus, which gets transmitted from an infected person to another person by sharing the same syringes.
AIDS can also be transmitted through sexual contact, blood transfusion, or the infected mother's milk.