A satellite is a celestial object which revolves around a planet. Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth.
Moon is the closest celestial object which revolves around the earth in a fixed path called an orbit.
Orbit is the fixed path taken by the planet to move around the sun or by a satellite to move around a planet.
The Earth revolves around the Sun along with the Moon, whereas the Moon revolves around the Earth in a fixed orbit.
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Orbit of Earth around Sun and Moon around Earth
Axis is an imaginary line that passes through the centre of an object in which it rotates or spins.
Axis of Earth
The Sun produces light on its own, whereas the moon does not. The Moon reflects the Sun's light falling on it, and hence, only the portion of the Moon that reflects the Sun's light is visible to us. Therefore, Moon is a non-luminous object.
Reflection of Sun's light by the Moon
Phases of the moon:
A change in the shape of the moon is observed every day. There are some days when the moon appears to be perfectly round in shape. And sometimes, the moon is not visible at all, even if the sky is clear. This shows that there are different phases to the moon.
The different shapes of the bright portion of the moon when Sun's light falls on it are called as the phases of the moon. The names for the different shapes of the moon are the new moon, the crescent moon, the gibbous moon, and the full moon.
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Phases of Moon