Have you ever wondered watching a night sky? If not, try it out first.
The experience of watching the sky at night will be wonderful in a place where the air is so clear without any bright lights. This fascinating experience can be attained in a village than in the city. In cities, the sky will not be so clear due to dust, smoke and bright lights.
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Night sky at city and village
Celestial objects:
The celestial objects in the sky are the sun, the stars, the planets, the moon and other objects like meteors, comets, asteroids, etc.
Celestial objects
The moon is the brightest celestial object in the night sky as it lies closer to the earth. Also, it will be so beautiful to see the countless bright twinkling stars in the sky. But some of the star-like objects do not twinkle in the sky. These objects are the planets.
Stars at nightsky
Galaxy consists of a system of billions of stars, its planetsclouds of gases and dust. The Universe consists of millions of such galaxies.
Astronomy is a branch of science that deals with the study of celestial objects and their phenomena related to it. It involves the study of the evolution of the universe, the formation and motion of celestial objects.
In the olden days, people in India observed the changes occurring in the sky at night. They devised calendars and almanacs by performing various observations on the path of sun, stars, moon and planets.
Ancient calendar
Ancient people were highly advanced in the knowledge of astronomy. By studying the sky, they predicted the climate and rainfall patterns for agriculture. The time for choosing and sowing the crops, the dates of seasons and festivals were accurately calculated.