Liquid state:
In our day - to day life we are seeing many liquids stage maters like the water we are drinking and the oil we use to cook, the fruits juice we drink often these are called as the liquids.
We can observe that the liquids does not have a certain shape but it will take shape of the container which they are kept.
For example we can say juice bottle, the liquid juice inside the bottle take the shape of the bottle.
Therefore we can say,
The matter which have no fixed shape but have a fixed volume and does not have own shape but liquids flow and change shape so they are not rigid but can be called fluid.
Observe the above figure, and you can see that the molecules inside the liquid are comparatively free than the solid molecules.
Therefore it's evidently shows that in liquid stage the particles move freely and have greater space between each other as compared to particles in the solid state.
The inter molecule force in the liquid is not strongest force compared to the solid but it's higher than gas.