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In previous sections, we have learnt about energy and its different forms. In this session, we will learn energy conversion from one form to another through question and answers.
  • How do green plants produce food?
Green plants produce food by photosynthesis.
  • Where do they get their energy from?
Plants get energy from the Sun.
  • Why does the air move from place to place?
Air moves from one place to another place due to pressure differences. Pressure difference results on account of non-uniform heating of the ground and seawater by solar radiation.
  • How are fuels, such as coal and petroleum formed?
Fossil fuels were formed millions of years ago when plants and animal remains were buried under the earth and subjected to high temperature and pressure conditions. Solar energy converts water into water vapour, increases the thermal energy of water.
  • What kinds of energy conversions sustain the water cycle?
Due to the buoyant force acting on water vapour, its potential energy increases. The water vapour forms clouds. Whenever the cloud brings rain, the potential energy of the cloud is changed into kinetic energy of the raindrops.