The life and living organisms:
The inherent capacity of an organism to maintain and reproduce itself is known as life. The organisms which have these capacities are known as living organisms.
Living organisms
As we all know, the earth is the only planet on which a wide range of flora and fauna are found. This variation of life on earth is known as biodiversity.
All these living organisms possess different characters, show organisational and functional unity, maintain a balanced relationship on earth.
What is evolution?
All living organisms are made up of basic units of life called cells. Over time, all the simpler life forms evolved into complex life forms. The origin of life, and the gradual and slow changes that these life forms underwent, resulted in enormous biodiversity, which served as the foundation for evolution.
The two elements of the history of life include the origin of life on Earth and the mechanism involved in the steady changes and adaptations of living organisms over time is known as the evolution of life.
Evolution of life
The process by which organisms evolve from earlier life forms and undergo changes over time is known as evolution.