Post fertilization events:
  • After triple fusion, the primary endosperm nucleus develops into an endosperm (the nutritive tissue).
  • This endosperm serves as nourishment for the developing embryo.
  • After the formation of the endosperm and the zygote, the synergids and antipodal cells degenerate.
  • The ovule develops into the seed.
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Parts of dicot and monocot seeds
  • The integuments of the ovule develop into the seed coat.
  • The ovary develops into the fleshy part known as the fruit.
Structure of fruit and seed
As the seed contains the future plant or embryo, it develops into the seedling under suitable conditions.
Seed germination
A video explaining the events of post fertilization
Significance of fertilization:
  • The process of fertilization stimulates the ovary to develop into a fruit.
  • Ovules develops into seeds.
  • It also leads to the development of new characters from two different organisms.