In our day to day life, we usually get confused between the terms heat and  temperature. We hear the word temperature often in weather forecasts, but do we know that,
Whether the terminologies 'temperature' and 'heat' are same?
No! There  is a difference between heat and temperature.
Heat is one form of energy transferred between objects, materials or systems with different temperatures. Generally, the heat transfers from higher to lower temperature. It is also known as Heat energy or Thermal energy.
Temperature is the physical quantity that expresses the hotness or coldness of the substance.
Heat vs Temperature
Heat is the transfer of thermal energy, whereas temperature is a property that the object exhibits.
Parameters to be compared
Heat is defined as the flow of energy from hotter to cooler objects..
The measurement of hotness or coldness of a substance.
It flows from hotter to cooler objects.The temperature rises when we heat, and falls when we cool.
Heat depends not only on the temperature of the substance but also on how many molecules are there in the object. It is related to how fast the atoms or molecules move or vibrate within the substance and determines the direction of heat flow.
The total kinetic energy of the molecules in the substance.The Average kinetic energy of the molecules.
SI Unit
Joule, CalorieKelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius
Measuring Instrument
Working ability
It has the ability to do work.It is used to measure the degree of heat.