The protection of animals is similar to protecting children or parent. Similar to human beings, they are also living organisms. As above all the living organisms, human beings are considered most intelligent and responsible, the human beings must protect all the living organisms on earth.
The conscience and tendency of humans towards the animals should be considerate to protect and safeguard the animals. Hence, as humans, it becomes the responsibility and obligatory to protect the animals.
Cattle farming
The protection of animal's welfare means providing the physical and mental needs of the animals.
The study of breeding of animals and their maintenance is known as animal husbandry.
Animals used as food:
An animal that is raised for its flesh and products are consumed by the humans are known as animal foods.
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Animal foods
Prawn, crab, fishes, paneer and cheese, fish, milk are some of the animal foods.
Animals used as cloth:
The skin of animals is used in making woolen dresses and some leather goods.
Alpaca, Moheir, Cashmere and Lambs wool are some of the types of wool.
Eri silk, Muga and Spider silk are some of the types of silk.
Role of government in animal protection:
Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act\(1960\), the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change has released four New Gazette Notifications to regulate the dog breeders, animal marketers, aquarium and pet fish owners.
This progress was due to the joint effort by the animal by animal protection groups. Along with the protection of animals, one can protect themselves and the environment. Hence its the duty of humans to protect the animals and also treat them as family members.