Cut and scratches:
The areas of damage on the surface of the skin are known as cuts and scratches.
A line of damage that can go through the skin and into the muscle tissues below is known as a cut.
The surface damage that does not penetrate into the lower tissues is known as a scratch.
A cut on a finger
A scratch on the skin
These cuts and scratches may bleed or turn red, become more infected and finally leave scars.
First aid for the cuts:
In areas that have minor cuts, the affected areas should be washed with running water and cleaned with an antiseptic liquid. Then these cuts must be applied with an antiseptic cream and sterilized with a bandage so that they are prevented from infections. If the cuts are deep they should be covered with a clean cotton pad and must be taken to the doctor immediately.
First aid and treatments
Basic cleanliness and protection:
  • It very important to help people who are injured or sick. But at the same time it is also mandatory to protect ourselves from HIV and other blood-borne diseases when we help people who are bleeding. Hence, it is mandatory to wear gloves or a clean plastic bag on hands.
  • It is also mandatory to be careful ourselves so that we do not prick ourselves with needles or other sharp objects around the person that we are helping.
Protect yourself