Body care:
The human body consists of organs and systems that function 24 hours a day. It is compared to a machine and hence requires proper maintenance and guidance. For a smooth functioning of the body, all the various parts of it should work together. All the different systems, such as the digestive system, circulatory system, and muscular system, are the body's core systems. Hence, they should work in synchronization. Due to this, it is mandatory to keep the body under proper care.
Dental care:
Dental care or oral hygiene is an important aspect of an individual's health.
I am healthy!
It is a practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent the dental disorders. An excellent oral hygiene refers to strong teeth and healthy gums that are surrounded with healthy tissues.
Healthy teeth and gums
Chewing is a mechanical process that promotes the secretion of saliva and gastric secretions that help indigestion. The method of chewing and tasting is known as mastication. This a process that gives pleasure and emotional satisfaction in eating. Teeth also plays a role in providing good appearance and a clear speech. Hence it is essential to maintain oral hygiene. Lack of proper oral hygiene increases the levels of bacteria that may lead to oral infections such as tooth decays and gum diseases.
Some of the measures to maintain the oral hygiene are as follows:
Illustration of healthy teeth
  • To brush the teeth two times a day prevents tartar and plaque formation on the teeth and gums.
Brushing Illustration
  • To practice floss as it removes food particles, plaque and bacteria that build up between the teeth. During flossing (a practice that removes plaque and food particles in places where a toothbrush can't reach) the gums may bleed a little bit, it will stop after a few days. Hence it has to be started only with proper medical guidance.
  • Change the toothbrush regularly.
Healthy teeth habits