The decrease in the total number of red blood cells is known as anaemia. It is a condition that develops due to food consumption with less iron content and can also occur due to the feeding of some other foods instead of breast milk. When this condition becomes severe in children, it leads to various other problems such as hookworm infection, chronic diarrhoea, and dysentery. It has been discovered that in the recent school-going children, significantly the girls are affected majorly by anaemia. Hence, to prevent the this the Government of Tamil Nadu provides all the school going girls in all the areas throughout Tamil Nadu with weekly iron-folic tablets.
Signs of anaemia:
  • Having pale or transparent skin in which the eyelids, fingernails and gums are pale.
  • Easy fatigue and weakness.
  • In severe cases, the face and feet become swollen; the heartbeat becomes rapid with a shortness of breath.
  • The children and women who eat mud are generally anaemic.
Treatment and prevention of anaemia:
Symptoms and preventions of anaemia
  • Eating food that is rich in iron.
Iron rich foods
Tofu, green leafy vegetables, cereals and breads are some of the examples.
  • Avoid frequent consumption of tea or coffee as they tend to affect the absorption of iron.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly.
A girl exercising
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals.
Foods sources that are rich in iron:
Natural food:
Moringa leaves, dates, liver (Sheep and chicken), Green vegetables such as lentils, peas, beans, green banana and green leafy vegetables.
Cod liver oil tablet, ferrous sulfate and folic acid.
Cod liver tablets