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Who am I?
I am an antibiotic and was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
Who is Alexander Fleming?
Alexander Fleming is a scientist known for his discovery of the antibiotic Penicillin the queen of medicines due to its greater benefits. Alexander Fleming pursued his schooling from St. Mary's School in London.
Sir Alexander Fleming
During the age of 20, as he was very much interested in studying medicine, he joined a medical course at St. Mary's Medical College and Hospital with his uncle's help. After this, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Medical Board for military soldiers.
What led to my discovery?
During the first world war, many soldiers were wounded majorly because they were infected with contagious diseases.
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Soldiers fighting in the war
Even after treating them with antiseptics, they were neither cured nor their wounds healed. The germs that caused the contagious disease spread to the other people also as the antiseptics given to them reduced the immunity. Hence, due to this, an alternative had to be discovered. The bacteria that caused the disease was identified as Staphylococci bacteria. Fleming cultured this bacteria in a culture bacteria and observed that a mould was formed.
Penicillium notatum
Due to this mould, the Staphylococci bacteria was not visible. With these observations, he identified that the mould was Penicillium notatum that produced Penicillin and destroyed the bacteria. Hence the soldiers were treated with it.

Penicillin was the world's first antibiotic that was discovered in 1928. It cured various diseases like pneumonia, diphtheria and infected wounds. With the help of this novel, Discovery Alexander Fleming saved many soldiers' lives and prevented the infectious disease. Penicillin was also used as the universal antibiotics.