Community hygiene:
The group of people living together in a particular area form a community.
Community of people
It is mandatory to maintain basic community hygiene so that the people of a community can lead a healthy life. This can be done by adopting the following measures.
  • Keeping the surroundings clean.
  • Covering the drains properly.
  • Segregating the wastes properly and disposing of them safely in separate dust bins that are provided by the Government (Green and Blue).
  • Avoiding the discharge of used water (water used in houses) in open drains and open areas.
Cause and mode of transmission:
It is a disease spread by the mosquitoes of Ades aegypti and is caused by the DEN- 1, 2 virus that belongs to the family of flavivirus.
Ades aegypti and DEN-1,2 virus
This virus decreases the blood platelets found in the human blood and has a maximum flight range of 50 - 100m in and around the places.
Nausea, fever, aches and pains behind the eyes, joints and bones are symptoms in the initial stages of dengue.
  • It can be prevented by avoiding mosquito bites.
  • By getting vaccinated against dengue.
  • Using mosquito repellants.
  • Avoiding stagnation of water.
There is no specific treatment for dengue. In general pain relievers are given and the patient is asked to take rest.