What is hair?
One of the defining characteristics o mammals is hair. It is a protein (keratin) filament which grows from the follicles (structures found in the dermis layer of the skin). The hair follicle is made up of a dead cell but the hair is a dead cell.
Hair and its associated structures
Hair care:
The general health and the nutritional status of the body of an individual is reflected by the condition of the hair to some extent.
Hair conditions such as thin hair, sparse and loss of hair indicated that the body has a poor nutritional status. Various other parameters such as deficiency in diet, physical and mental sickness of various kinds also leads to the premature greying of hair.
The hair is maintained smooth by the oil that is secreted from the hair follicles from which the hair grows. The sweat and the dead skin cells come off the scalp.
The hair has to be washed regularly as the oil, sweat and dead cells can make the hair look greasy and dirty.
Measures to be taken to keep the hair clean and healthy:
  • Wash the hair regularly and massage the scalp so that the dead skin cells, excess oil and dust are removed.
A woman who is being given massage
  • At least once a week oil the hair at least to provide the essential nutrients and hydration.
Hair oil
  • Use an excellent toothed comb for hairdressing so that it is maintained well.
Toothed comb
  • Avoid the usage of products that produce too much heat.
Hairstyling tools that produce too much of heat